SBA Loan Brokers

Penn Commercial Capital is a national commercial SBA 7a and 504 lender that offers financing solutions to brokers, third-party originators, community banks, and more. Our SBA platform is designed to get you and your borrowers an approval within 72 hours and then to the table and closed within 30 days– our back office and internal approval process is designed for fast turnaround times and staffed with experienced professionals you can depend on. If you’re searching for that competitive edge with your customers, our financing team takes the negative stigma of SLOW SBA turn times and closings out of the equation.

Our SBA rates and fees are among the top within the SBA and commercial lending channel and all of our brokers and third party originators are protected on each transaction as well as paid on sheet with up to 1% Premium paid on each transaction.

Broker Benefits

Discover the Exclusive Benefits of Choosing PENN Commercial Capital for your SBA Loans:

  • Earn a Generous 1% Payout When Your Deal Successfully Closes!
  • Experience Hassle-Free Service: We Take Over All Client Contact, Ensuring a Smooth Process. You Decide Your Level of Involvement!
  • Access Direct SBA Lending Without Middlemen: We Cut Through Red Tape for Quicker Approvals.
  • Get Approved in Just 2-4 Weeks! * (*Subject to Client Response Time)
  • Enjoy Peace of Mind: No More Chasing Additional Documents – We Handle Everything After Initial Submission.
  • Sit Back, Relax, and Collect Your Check – It’s That Easy!

Steps to Submit

  1. Send in a deal request (Simple complete our loan application) with the salient details of the deal along with PFS, 2 yrs. Business and personal tax returns and credit report.
  2. We will give you pre-approval in 3-4 business days. 
  3. Submit a full package to us for underwriting.
  4. We take it from there. 
SBA Loans
PENN Commercial Capital for your SBA Loans

Service you deserve

Simple complete and submit our 2 page scenario request and receive an answer within 3 business days. Call Penn Commercial Capital today with all your SBA business nationwide!

There are two types of SBA loans that will help maximize your cash flow:

  • SBA 7 (a) – For those needing working capital up to $5 million (most popular), offering up to 100% loan to value
  • SBA 504 – For purchasing owner-occupied commercial real estate

Deals we can do:

  1. Owner Occupied Business Real Estate of any kind except Gas Stations, Restaurants that are not franchised or that do not have a drive through window
  2. Franchises – all franchises on the SBA approved directory – here is the link:    (some franchises are excluded as they have agreements in place with us already, call for more info  i.e. Culverts, Beehive)
  3. Storage units
  4. Mini Warehouses
  5. Logistics/Trucking companies (no independent haulers)

SBA Deals we will not entertain:

  1. Hotels/Motels (neither flagged or unflagged)
  2. Carwash
  3. Golf Courses
  4. Printing companies
  5. Assisted Living Facilities
  6. Receivables or Inventory only based deals – See our AMAZON product if you are an AMAZON reseller

****  All Loans must be in 1st place lien position – we will not go in 2nd place under any circumstance.