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Your business is growing and constantly meeting new challenges and opportunities. Shouldn’t your financing provide options provide flexible options to help you address those challenges and opportunities? Our team takes great pride in providing a variety of financing options targeting small businesses in a variety of industries, both for products and services.

At Penn Com Capital, we take satisfaction in providing unsecured loans and lines of credit, while offering the best customer service experience. No matter if your business is just opening its doors or already established, we can help by providing unsecured loan options to address your business needs. Financing for businesses does not have to be complicated.

Our team works with small businesses in the retail and service sectors. We also providing financing options to small businesses offering professional services, including accounting and legal counsel. No matter what your business, we have financing options available. Below are just a few of the industries that we serve:

Agricultural business loans, Franchises business loans, Industrial business loans, Medical Practices business loans, Minority Owned business loans, Real Estate business loans, Restaurants business loans, Startups business loans, Veterans business loans, Plumbers business loans, Electrician business loans, Retail business loans, Construction business loans, Transportation business loans, Automotive business loans, IT Media Publishers business loans, Beauty Salons/Barbers business loans, Heath care professional business loans.

Building a business means investing in opportunities and taking risks to promote growth. At Penn Capital, we believe in supporting a variety of businesses with working capital and other financing options that allow for you to adapt to the changes in your industry, while still building a strong foundation for your business.

While some financing companies only focus on specific industries, at Penn Capital, we are open to financing a variety of different business models. Each industry faces unique challenges, and they can make it difficult to manage your cash flow effectively. The various financing options available can be tailored to meet the needs of your business, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years.

Not only do we offer business loans, but we also provide financing for professionals and service providers. The goal is to supply the right financial options tailored to help you meet your strategic goals. For instance, businesses focused on manufacturing could be looking for financing to buy additional equipment or expand their workforce. Other companies might be looking to upgrade their software systems or expand their product lines.

Our team can take your application and quickly make a decision quickly, meaning your business can get the funds necessary right away, instead of having to wait weeks or months for a decision. Plus, once we approve your financing, you can receive funding in as little as 24 hours. Depending on your industry, we do have minimum requirements, such as revenue and length of business operations.

We also offer companies affordable monthly payments and loan terms to fit your needs, regardless of the business or industry that you are a part of. Plus, our application process is simple, allowing you to make a decision right away regarding whether you want to proceed with the financing. Simply apply online, receive your decision, and then receive your funding.

At Penn Capital, we offer restaurants and bars funding to assist them in purchasing supplies, hiring staff, and covering overhead expenses by balancing your cash flow. Restaurants are critical to any town, suburb, or city, showcasing the region’s culture through food.

We also offer a variety of different types of loans for these industries: agricultural, franchises, industrial, medical practices, minority-owned businesses, real estate, startups, veteran-owned businesses, plumbing, retail, electricians, general contractors, transportation, automotive, IT media publishers, beauty salons, barbers, and healthcare professionals. We recognize that each industry has its own unique business model, which requires financing that focuses on its different aspects.

The goal is to provide unsecured loans and lines of credit, while offering quality customer service experiences. We want to be your partner, giving your business the tools necessary to get through the early phases of your startup by giving you the means to stabilize your cash flow and address overhead or operational costs, thus creating a foundation for further expansion and growth.

At Penn Capital, the goal is to not keep your business limited because you lack access to capital. Instead, we want to assist in fostering growth and expansion, because your success is our success.