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Are you looking to expand your Amazon business through e-commerce?

Our team can help by providing Amazon Seller financing that fits the needs of your business. With our experienced team, we can evaluate your business and respond quickly as its needs change. We believe in providing a superior level of attention, finding the right financing to fit the needs of your business now and into the future.

We take the time to learn about your industry, getting to know the challenges that you face. Our staff can strategize with you to determine what capital needs you are facing and assist in planning for the next phase of your Amazon business and its growth.

As you grow your e-commerce business, we can provide a line of credit for under $150,000 while also allowing you to develop that line of credit as your business grows. If you link your Amazon seller account, you can be approved for an even higher amount and a lower interest rate. If you choose not to link your Amazon account, then your personal credit will play a role in determining the amount of your line of credit. It operates like a traditional line of credit, allowing you to pay back and borrow funds as you need, up to your credit line amount. Payments are interest only on a monthly basis.

We also offer a specific line of credit geared to Amazon sellers that sell through the Amazon FBA. This is a traditional line of credit, based upon your line amount or the available collateral, whichever is less. You can pay significantly less interest, simply because your business is borrowing exactly what it needs. Our team can walk you through the process of linking your Amazon store and uploading any additional documentation for the underwriting process.

There are also several different options to access financing for more traditional working capital, including Direct-to-Consumer funding, a flexible funding alternative for fast-growing direct-to-consumer brands looking to reach their customers through social media and other live retail experiences.

These options include:

  • Revolving lines of credit, ranging from $1 to $20 million
  • Collateral can be commercial inventory, intellectual property, real estate, or machinery and equipment

We also offer purchase order financing, which can be an alternative solution for businesses looking for an incremental working capital option. This financing can be done for amounts as small as $250K, giving you the funds necessary to operate your business while maintaining the inventory needed to meet your customers' needs. It can help you to avoid depleting your cash reserves or declining an order because of cash flow challenges. With purchase order financing in place, you can adjust the loan basis to meet your needs. Plus, if your order volume drops, your purchase order financing can be adjusted accordingly. It is designed to help your business take on those larger orders that can fuel its long-term growth.

Working capital financing can also be made available through advances on your accounts receivable or inventory. That allows you to be flexible in offering terms to your customers while still having the cash necessary to cover your overhead.

Asset-based lending can provide a revolving line of credit that is secured by your company's assets, including commercial accounts receivable, inventory, real estate, or machinery and equipment. These loans are generally offered at a lower interest rate compared to other funding options. Plus, asset-based loans are typically easier to obtain for your business because they are secured by various options, including marketable securities, accounts receivable, and other assets that add to the value of your business. We set a loan-to-value ratio based on the type of asset.

The challenge for many businesses is that overhead expenses are consistent, but sales are not. Busy seasons, including the holidays, can bring an uptick in sales, but other seasons might not bring in the same level of revenue. We want to help you keep your business moving forward by giving you access to the capital necessary to manage your cash flow from month to month. By utilizing working capital funding solutions, including Amazon Seller financing, you can effectively manage your business through the typical highs and lows of e-commerce.

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