Business Loans for
Automotive Business

No matter where you go, there are cars, trucks, and other vehicles moving products, delivering professional services, helping families handle their daily commutes, and a never-ending list of errands. Keeping all those vehicles running is an automotive repair shop. A mechanic handles routine maintenance minor and major repairs, and is a source of knowledge about the mechanics and technology that makes our transportation function. 

As an automotive business, you need to manage the flow of parts, services, and overhead costs associated with running your shop. At PCC, we recognize the importance of financing automotive businesses, helping them to grow and thrive. These businesses must also keep updated, as today’s vehicles require more software and programming than ever. 

Automotive business loans allow you to manage your cash flow as clients bring their cars and trucks, allowing you to continue to pay for crucial personnel, parts, inventory, and essential supplies. At PCC, we recognize the importance of financing automotive businesses and giving them the tools to address the needs of their customers effectively. 

Additionally, financing through automotive business loans allows you to adapt to changing economic conditions locally and provide the right mix of services that will appeal to your target market. Our team offers financial options geared to the needs of your automotive business. Here are just a few of the options we offer:

Financing New Equipment

As an automotive business, your tools and car lifts are essential to completing your clients’ vehicles. Those tools can include hand tools or more extensive equipment, such as wrenches, impact guns, and computers to diagnose the vehicle’s issues. Having the right financing in place can determine whether you can take on more clients or are forced to let them go to your competition. 

Hire Workers

Automotive businesses have different requirements for the number of workers needed, depending on your client base. With a business loan for automotive, you have access to the capital necessary to hire skilled workers specializing in different vehicles, enabling you to meet critical deadlines. It also allows you to invest in training, ensuring your team is updated on the latest technology that makes vehicles function. 

Expand Operations

Automotive business loans and working capital options provide the financing you need to meet your current obligations and pursue a more significant market share within your region. These financing options allow you to grow your workforce, expand your shop’s space, and take on more clients while covering your liability insurance to meet requirements at the local and state level. 

Overhead Expenses

Cash for everyday overhead expenses, including inventory, parts, and labor, is vital to your automotive business. Working capital loans and automotive business loans can provide additional capital for overhead expenses to keep your business despite shifts in your workflow. 

Suppose your company needs an infusion of financing. In that case, our team can walk you through the application process, helping you to determine what financing options align with your goals for your business. Our specialists customize your business loan for automotive shops to address cash flow and investments to build up the capacity of your business. 

Why Work With PCC?

Our team understands the unique financing needs of automotive businesses, particularly during seasonal demand or the realities of payments coming in the weeks after the repairs are completed. When you work with PCC, our specialists get to know your automotive business and its strategic goals, then create a personalized financing plan to meet your needs. While traditional lenders might consider automotive businesses a high risk due to the cash flow challenges caused by long accounts receivable, at PCC, we have flexible approval requirements to focus on the potential of your business rather than its financial history. 

We provide lending solutions and payment options tailored to your current needs, giving your automotive business a foundation for future growth. The application process is fast and easy, allowing you to keep up with the demand and helping your business to succeed.