Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

In this day and age of cash flow issues due to the closure and suspension of many businesses, a merchant cash advance through Penn Commercial Capital may be the answer to payroll issues, needed business improvements, and other capital expense issues that you, as a business owner, may be experiencing. The purpose of this blog is to show you how a merchant cash advance works and what practical applications that may arise during the normal course of daily business.

Doctors and other medical specialists often wait for 30 to 180 waiting for patients to pay their bills or worse, are waiting for Medicare or some other insurance company to issue payment. For each day your office is open, you are losing the access to cash flow you need for daily operations like the electric bill, other patient services, and payroll. A merchant cash flow account can ease these constraints as well as enable you to have more flexibility in these critical areas of running your business.

Lawyers as well as other people involved with the legal process through the courts have expenses that are extremely high like paying paralegals for research and other vitally important activities. The courts charge fees for motions, depositions, and other components critical to the legal process. Don’t let these expenses curtail your access to cash flow, especially when it is needed most.

Online Offices and Retailers: People that rely on their computers and other components critical to the infrastructure of their company often run into cash flow problems. The adage that if “I don’t work, I don’t get paid” is in full effect. A merchant cash flow account is vital to the day-to-day operations of many of these companies, especially if they are running an online retail shop through E bay or other such similarly structured entity. A merchant cash advance through Penn Commercial Capital may be the answer to these critical needs.

Construction companies have needs that are very unique and potentially problematic, especially if they are not receiving enough of their invoices being paid on time. Failure to receive payments on time and in full can cause delays in purchasing materials, paying their sub-contractors, and keeping the company solvent. Like all businesses, these companies have creditors that they have to pay and are answerable to in the event bills are not paid. Penn Commercial Capital may be the answer to getting your balance sheets in order, your bills paid, and keeping the company “in the black”.

Trades businesses handle large projects and as such waiting for general contractors to be paid or are well over 120 days for payment. This slows down business and other projects can’t be started without payment. A merchant cash advance through Penn Commercial Capital will ease up the pressure and afford you the flexibility you need to continue to function.

All of us are familiar with the workings of the home loan process. The traditional commercial lending process involves an even more time and paperwork like the application, letters of incorporation, letter(s) of intent, tax returns, personal signatures, etc. A merchant cash advance through Penn Commercial Capital can eliminate the delay and paperwork.

Some of the details are the purchasing of your merchant receivables, and funding in as little as 3 days in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $500,000! You must be in business for at least 6 months and provide three months bank statements showing the average monthly deposits. You must set up your credit card receivables so we can set up your account quickly and without delay. What you are doing is accessing the cash based on the future receivables and the pricing is low. To obtain approval, you must have a merchant account in good standing and you must be able to accept credit cards or other receivables. The reason the credit card account and other receivables are set up this way is to ensure prompt payment. This will improve your company’s credit file and your standing with Dunn and Bradstreet will be good. Why not take advantage of this unique program and call Penn Commercial Capital today and get the cash advance you need to keep your business up and running? Call TODAY!

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